Senior Competitive Squad Information


Lead CoachSupport CoachLane Assistants
John MolyneauxStewart Crowe
Steve Greenfield
john molyneaux head coach fnsc
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Target age:Males 15/17 yrs
Females 14/17 yrs

Those still attending college will be permitted to remain in this group until aged 18 and they have completed their 2nd year at college.
Biological age (as a guide)
LTADTrain to Compete - Optimising the engine+ Multi stroke base / 50-200m event specific
+ Competitive / Physical Development
Sessions: 10.5 - 12.25 hours
7 - 8 sessions
Attendance should be 100%. After allowing for illness/injury, exams and special occasions etc.
Session 8Invites will be issued on a month-by-month basis to those who attend 80%+ of session in the preceding month to attend Sunday PM training at Mountbatten (Long Course).
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Kit List   
Kick BoardPull BuoyAnkle Band
Finger PaddlesHand PaddlesSnorkel
FinsDrinks Bottles (2x750ml)Spare Hat/Goggles
Yoga MatSkipping RopeStretch Cords

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